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Hire programmers from abroad and get the developers that you need available all around the world! Depending on the need of your company, we customize our searches to find the perfect talent for you and your business. We hire a wide range of people with various skill sets. We hire programmers who know how to write in Java, SQL, Python, Javascript, and many more for your company!


Consultancy Fee: 5000 SEK

Promotion, Profile Identification, Program Integration, Pre-screening, Matching, and Selection Support.

Visa Process (Only Non-EU): 1000 SEK

Work permit and residence permit application.

Management Fee: 5000 SEK

Intern reception preparation, intern pick-up on arrival, intern assitance, intern integration.

Monthly Service Fee: 2000 SEK/month

Continuous support with intern social integration and activities, quarterly review & evaluation.

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